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We are NOT professional reviewers and we won't accept a meal for a good review. The following reviews are completely subjective and we expect that you will disagree with us most of the time.

We have a contact email on this page and we believe in the First Amendment.

We have recently transferred our home to the Mountains of Arizona

We use a five sun rating system with one sun being a low rating and five suns being a high rating. More than five suns will indicate that we were awed but realizing that we are old and don't awe easily don't expect to see many of those. If a restaurant is really bad we will indicate that with a yuck icon.

We will try to return to each restaurant at least twice so that we can give it a fair shake. We like to eat at locally owned restaurants but we will occasionally eat at chain restaurants because good locally owned restaurants are becoming hard to find.

The above statement is especially true in the Mountains. The quality of a restaurant really does change from day to day.

We are financial people and we really do know how hard it is to make a profit in the restaurant business. Good Luck! You are going to need it. Even good food is no guarantee of a successful restaurant.

If we pan your restaurant it will be easy to take offense. We are not attacking you personally, we just don't like your food. If your food is good we will shout it from the rooftops and if not we will vent it here.

This is the sun icon for our positive ratings. This is the Yuck icon for our negative ratings. Our Negative Ratings Icon

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